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How to Classify your Skin Type?

Do you want to build an effective skincare routine that specifically works for you? Then the first thing that you have to do is to know about your specific skin type. This will let you determine what specific routines and regimen will be effective for you.

But how will you know what your skin type is? Use the following tips:

  1. Cleanse – What you have to do is to use a gentle cleanser in cleansing your face. Do not add any moisturizer, serum, or skincare product after cleansing with a gentle cleanser. Wait for thirty minutes then find out whether your skin has dry patches or areas with oil.

You will know that you have dry skin if your face feels tight when you move it. If your cheeks shine after the cleansing procedure, then it indicates that you have an oily type of skin. If the shine is just on your T-zone, specifically your chin, nose, and forehead, then you have combination skin.

  1. Take advantage of blotting paper – You should dab it on your skin prior to your morning cleanse. Hold the sheet of paper up to expose it to the light. Your skin is probably dry if the oil is not visible or just minimal when you do that. A noticeably visible oil, on the other hand, indicates that you have either the combination or the oily skin type. This will depend on where you dabbed the sheet.
  2. Examine your skin – What you should do is to cleanse your skin and face with water once you wake up in the morning. After that, do your regular activities without putting any other cosmetic or skin care products on your face and skin. In the middle of the day, examine your skin in the mirror by looking at it closely. You probably have oily skin if there is oil in your T-zone or in all parts of your face. Your skin may either be sensitive or dry if it leads to patches, redness and peeling.
  3. Feel your skin using your fingertips – After visually examining your face and skin, wash it then leave it as is until lunchtime is over. You should then use your fingertips to feel your skin and face in a gentle manner. Doing this will help you determine the specific areas that are dry, oily, or normal.
  4. Seek professional help – Still confused over your skin type? Then talk to a dermatologist who will be the one to scrutinize your skin and tell you what skin type you are sporting. Your chosen dermatologist can even give you recommendations about the best products that will work for your skin.

Are you now aware of your specific skin type? Then you can now start investing in highly effective skincare products and tools, like the derma roller, which can bring out the glow and beauty of your skin naturally.

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