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Hair building fibers are one of the newest advances in hair loss treatment. Hair building fibers create an alternative to the expensive hair loss solutions today such as hair growth solutions and hair transplants. With the growing popularity of hair building fibers, new brands are emerging every day. Here, we review the top 10 brands such as Toppik, Fibolica, Caboki and many more to determine which is the best hair building fiber available today. The main categories we will test are: Effectiveness, quality, price and safety.

The effectiveness of each brand of hair building fiber tested varied greatly. Most of the hair building fibers tested were made from keratin fibers. The keratin fiber did not bond as well to the hair as did the hair fibers which used natural plant fibers. The hair building fibers which used natural plant fibers were able to withstand even wind, rain and sweat.

The next factor we tested was the quality of each of the hair building fibers. Some of the hair building fibers used hair fibers which clumped up and were very noticeable when applied to the hair. These hair building fibers were not cut properly and gave a very unnatural appearance. We found only a few of the leading brands to have hair fibers cut to a microscopic level which created a natural look unnoticeable to the human eye.

The prices of each of the top 10 brands of hair building fibers were relatively the same. The prices ranged from $30 to $50 for a 2 month supply. This is extremely expensive when compared to hair growth treatments which could easily cost over a hundred dollars a month or a hair transplant procedure which could cost over $10,000.

The last factor we considered was the safety of each brand of hair building fiber. As said before, most of the hair building fibers used keratin fibers. Keratin contains chemical ingredients which could cause irritation if left on for extended periods of time. There were only 2 out of the 10 hair building fibers which used all-natural ingredients.

After analyzing the four main factors, we found one brand of hair building fiber to stand out above the rest. This hair building fiber was Fibolica. Fibolica is currently one of the most popular and reputable hair building fibers available today. The reason why Fibolica stands out from all the rest is because it excelled at all four categories tested. Fibolica showed the most effective bonding of the hair building fibers staying on even in wind, rain and sweat. Fibolica is also made from an all-natural formula which is extremely safe because it is free of dangerous animal ingredients, synthetic dyes or chemicals, artificial fillers and preservatives, and could even be applied on sensitive skin. Fibolica is also relatively inexpensive compared to many of the other hair building fibers tested at $35 for a 2 month supply and only $70 for a 6 month supply (including shipping).

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