5 Effective Hair Loss & Hair Growth Tips

There are a number of factors that can affect a person hair loss and even the amount of hair growth that they will encounter. This can have a huge impact on the amount of hair a person has on their head. The fact is though many people will not generally be aware of these factors and will as a result go through their life and be clueless as to why they lost their hair and even more important as to why they can’t regrow their hair.

The first factor that will result in a loss of hair is that of your parents. Heredity will be a huge impact on the amount of hair that you will lose as to how much if any that you will regrow. While you can’t control who your parents are and what genes that they will pass on to you, there is hope that you can help and reduce the amount of damage that is done by following the other factors that generally affect a persons hair loss.

Believe it or not your overall health will have an impact in the amount of hair you will lose and how much hair you will be able to replace. It is important that you be in the best health possible to help and reduce the chances that you are going to lose your hair and then have issues with trying to regrow your lost hair.

Diet and exercise will play another role in the amount of hair that you do or do not have in your life. If you eat a lot of foods that are high in fat, this can affect the rate of hair that falls out as well as the rate of hair that grows back into place. Fats can actually lead to a person that has never had hair loss to lose their hair and in turn have issues in getting their hair to regrow.

Hair treatments can damage hair and cause it to fall out. Other products can actually damage the roots and lead to the hair not growing back in the place that you are experiencing hair loss. The last thing is that of personality traits. Many people will have personal traits that will lead to them losing hair without even thinking about it. Take notes of your life and routines and see if there are areas that you can make serious changes and see if these can help to increase your hair.


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