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Thinning hair is a common problem many people have as they grow older. There are many people choosing to to use hair building fibers to conceal their thinning hair rather than choose hair loss treatments such as expensive hair transplants or use hair growth solutions which do not guarantee results. The growing popularity of hair building fibers has led to a flood of new brands entering the market. We review the top brands such as Toppik, Fibolica, Caboki, Nanogen, etc. to crown the best hair building fiber available today. We compare 4 key areas: Bonding Power, Quality, Price and Safety.

Bonding Power

One of the key factors when choosing the best hair building fiber is the strength at which the hair fibers bond to the existing hair. Through our testing, the brands using hair fibers made from keratin did not do as well as the brands using all natural plant fibers as their main ingredient. Hair fibers made from keratin tended to brush off when combed and fall off in rain, wind and sweat. On the other hand, hair fibers made mainly from all natural plant fibers had a much stronger bond to the hair when applied, and most of the hair fibers were able to stay on even in rain, wind and sweat.


In this test, we found that the hair building fibers priced in the $20 range tended to use hair fibers which clumped up more easily. This created a unnatural look and was very obvious when you were to look at it under the sun. Hair building fiber in the $30 range and above was made from hair fibers that were cut much more finely. These hair fibers gave off a much more natural looking appearance when applied and there was hardly any clumping at all.


The prices of all the hair fibers tested ranged from $27 to $65. No matter which part of the range the hair building fiber is on, this type of hair loss treatment is much less than what you would expect to pay for hair growth solutions or hair transplants.


This was one of the major factors we used to decide the best hair building fiber. Many of the hair building fibers scored the same number of points until we tested them for safety. The hair building fibers made mainly from keratin fibers showed signs of itchiness and irritation when applied. This is because keratin contains chemicals that can irritate the scalp and may have other side effects if left on the scalp for longer periods of time. The best hair building fiber used all natural plant fibers and natural mineral colorants. Hair fibers made from an all natural formula did not cause any irritation or itchiness on the scalp and were very comfortable on the hair once applied.

After testing the top hair building fibers in all four areas, we narrowed down the list to one winner. We determined the best hair building fiber to be the one by Fibolica. The reason why Fibolica won the best hair building fiber is because it won in all four categories we tested. Fibolica hair building fibers had one of the strongest bonds because it uses natural plant fibers as its main ingredient. Fibolica hair building fibers were cut on a microscopic level, leaving you with a very natural look and no clumping of hair fibers. The price of Fibolica is very inexpensive, at $35 for a 2 month supply and only $70 for a 6 month supply. Lastly, Fibolica was the safest hair building fiber available, with no only hair fibers made from all natural plant fibers, but also dyes made from natural mineral colorants as well.

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