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Tips to Thicken Hair

Many guys are really reluctant to think too much about their hair styling. On the other hand, Guys often find that, they have very limited option to choose their hair styles. However, in reality it is actually the opposite. In addition to that, if you have a hair specialist, working both together you can have different look in various occasions.

The best options for guys to have a hair style, which is very easy to style. In this busy world, there are very less guys who have time to work on his hair taking too much time. Luckily, such hair cut exists. It is named as messy cut, because any person can use his finger to mess up his hair to bring different look. Obviously, everyone wants such flexibility.

Thinning hair and getting bald are two very common and serious problems of guys nowadays. The reasons behind this are excessive mental pressure, imbalance in hormone, deficiency in nutrients, various pollution including air and water, harmful hair products, unhealthy and irregular hair care and hereditary. There are several useful hair styling tips which are intended to give you a great look. You can divide it in two ways, firstly, natural hair care products are always the best. Many herbal companies have produces their own hair care products. Besides that, you can make your own hair care mixture at your home. You can use Avocado, Green tea, Aloe vera, Indian gooseberry, Pygeum, Polygonum multiflorum etc. On the other hand, leading herbal oils are almond oil, castor oil, olive oil and amla oil. Always remember, if you face any harmful effect after using these products, stop using it as soon as possible. Besides that, you can give nutrition to your hair by taking various vitamin and minerals.

Hair thickening fibers are helpful as well. Natural hair thickening fibers are instant, cheap and do not have any side effect. They are truly effective. The hair thickening fibers work like magnet, which can give you thick and healthy looking hair instantly.

Men can play with colors whenever they want to do. It will add something extraordinary to your cutting edge styles. All you need to do is to find a hair style and suitable color. It will enhance your masculine look, which is easy to maintain.

To sum up, now men have several options to have excellent hair style. The world of hair styling products has widen this opportunity for modern men.


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Will Styling Your Hair Cause Hair Loss?

Who does not want to have stylish, healthy and strong hair? To maintain such hair, many people used to apply several hair-styling products. However, in many cases, these products cause more harm although they cannot even notice. Besides that, various saloons also use these kinds of products. We tend to believe that these products are healthy, though in many scenarios it turns out to be wrong.

People want to do several styles, which cause thinning hair. Some of them are:

1. To achieve flexibility and softness: It is required to put several chemicals to gain soft and flexible hair, which weaken the core strength of hair. Even it hampers the shaft (from which hair grows). Oil can block it causing the permanent damage to the scalp.
2. Using tight braids: Surely braids are beautiful and attractive. However, they are one of the leading reasons of balding. For braiding, it is required to grow hair up to certain length. In addition to that, an experienced person should help you to braid your hair. Take tips from him or her if you want to re-braid your hair and regarding how to take care of it as well. You can use various herbal oils and products if you experience any hair loss due to braiding your hair.
3. Ponytails: Although ponytails do not too much harm to hair, but its harmful effect cannot be ignored. If you tie your ponytail too hard, there is considerable risk that it may bald your frontal hair.

Therefore, while having a style to your hair, you should make sure that, your hair has not been hampered. Besides that, you should use various herbal products to maintain your hair’s health. You can make homemade shampoos and various herbal mixtures at your home. Avocado, Green tea, Aloe Vera, Indian Gooseberry, Pygeum, Polygonum Multiflorum etc. are excellent materials for making homemade hair caring products. You can use various oils such as almond oil, castor oil, olive oil and amla oil.

It is true that, hair styles are essential for fashionable presentation nowadays. If you have thinner hair and you want to conceal it, another option in that case is that, using hair thickening fibers. These are truly effective and safe because many hair thickening fibers are made from natural ingredients. They work like various small magnets. As a result, it can easily attach to your hair. It works instantly giving a dramatic intensity and volume to your hair.


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Introduction to Hair Loss Products

Hair-loss products are produced with intent to protect hair from getting thinner or broken and to strengthen and nourish the hair and scalp. From ancient era, human has found out that hair is an inevitable part of their beauty and fashion. If a person had healthy hair, then it was considered that, he or she was from a highly fertile land, or, was from a rich family.
There are several types of hair loss products. These can be categorized as following:

Home remedies:
These remedies are used for many years. Although anyone can dismiss them considering them as ancient, their effectiveness cannot be easily ignored. These are:

1. Hair massage using a solution of sage tea and apple cider vinegar
2. The almond oil, castor oil, olive oil and amla oil benefit hair when it is massaged into the scalp after warming it. After 30-45 minutes, it should be shampooed out.
3. A mix of egg yolk and honey can be applied on hair and scalp. After 30-45 minutes, it should be shampooed out.

Herbal remedies:
It is one of the most common and easiest ways to take care of hair. It has several benefits including restoring hair growth, strengthening and thickening the hair. It is better and cheaper than chemically based treatments. It is always suggested to visit a herbalist to discuss regarding the herbal treatment. There are several herbal remedies can be great help to prevent hair loss:

1. Green tea
2. Aloe vera
3. Indian gooseberry
4. Avocado
5. Pygeum
6. Polygonum multiflorum, a traditional Chinese herb

However, it should be remembered that, if a person faces any allergic problem after using it, he/she should alter the remedy as soon as possible.

Vitamin and supplements can be an effective alternative to these remedies. They provide nutrients from the inside of a body.

1. Minoxidil (Rogain): it is effective for both men and women. It can be bought without prescription. It assists to regrow hair.
2. Finasteride (Propecia): it is considered one of the best hair loss products for some people. Prescription is required to buy this medicine.
3. Ketoconazole: it is an anti-fungal. It is used as supplement for the treatment of hair loss.

Hair-thickening fibers:
There are many hair thickening fibers, which are used to conceal the thinned hair. Chemical fiber is harmful for hair; therefore, it is better to avoid them. It has various injurious effects on both hair and scalp. Hair thickening fibers are easily applicable. It is safe and unnoticeable. It works like small magnets.

Other options can be using a wig, especially for men. It is often considered to be cheap, easy and the best option.


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